Gaomab II speaks on Fishcor stability , CEO appointment

The National Fishing Corporation of Namibia (Fishcor) is now ready to contribute significantly to the economy after the company’s interim board brought it back from the brink of collapse through prudential management, acting board Chairperson Heinrich Gaomab II has said.

Fishcor was embroiled in the Fishrot scandal in 2019 that resulted in the arrest of its former CEO and Chairperson.

Gaomab II, however, believes that’s all in the past now as the fishing company has maintained sufficient provision of Quotas to keep its operations afloat.

“Towards that end, we have made sure that of 1500 employees no one was retrenched. We appreciated the maintenance of sound industrial relations with our recognized trade unions for the care and well-being of our employees,” he said.

“We have also ensured uninterrupted flow and business continuity management and seamless transition from having a caretaker CEO to Officer in Charge and now a substantive CEO. We are proud of the achievement made for the benefit of the fisheries industry and the nation at large.”

Gaomab II said the company will await the courts to pronounce themselves on on-going legal challenges faced by the government owned entity, without going into specifics.

“We are faced with legal complexities and most are sub judicae and the courts will pronounce on it soon. We have exercised legal diligence and prudent engagement with stakeholders to ensure that what’s due to fishcor must be met legal and institutionally as per the enabling legislations,”he said.

Gaomab II said the board was confident that it got the right person for the job when it appointed Alex Gawanab as the substantive Chief Executive Officer of Fishcor, effective 10th January 2022.

“Expectations of the CEO is to ensure thought leadership on drafting a Integrated Strategic Business plan as per PEGA and Fishcor Act.”

Fishcor's CEO position became vacant early last year following the arrest of Mike Nghipunya, who is currently in jail awaiting trial on charges of money laundering, fraud and corruption as part of the Fishrot scandal.

He said the Fishcor board was confident to hand over the reins of the company as its extended term comes to an end in March, 2022, although he was non-committal if he will be interested to be reappointed in a substantive position.

“Our temporary term ends 6 March and now we are confident to hand over the reins to the substantive Board with a corporate governance architecture and accountable and reporting mechanisms,” he said.

“I aim to serve the Nambian Nation in whatever capacity the Nation wants whether temporary and/ or permanent. This is within the adherence to corporate governance and the applicable enabling legislations in Namibia such as the PEGA and Companies Act and the NAMCODE.” 

Fishcor, once perceived as a success case of a state-owned enterprise, was plunged into crisis after its former Chairperson James Hatuikulipi and CEO Mike Nghipunya were fingered in what is now dubbed the Fishrot scandal.

The company’s interim board consists of Heinrich Mihe Gaomab II as Chairperson, Ruth Herunga who previously doubled as interim CEO, Milka Mungunda and Dr Penny Hiwilepo van Hal.

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Last modified on Thursday, 20 January 2022 18:09

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