The Ministry of Mines and Energy has slashed petrol prices by N$1.00, but increased the Road Fund Administration (RFA) road user charges and the MVA Fund levy to their previous levels. 

Namibia's economy grew by N$5.4 billion during the second quarter of 2022 to N$48.6 billion spurred by real value-added growth in mining, latest statistics show.

The government has urged players in the tourism and hospitality industry to rethink their strategies and target new international markets to boost the sector.

The country has exported fish worth N$6.2 billion in seven months, a 1.3% increase from N$6.1 billion recorded the same period last year, latest statistics show. 

Namibia’s contentious classification as an upper-middle-income nation by the World Bank will result in the country missing out on a new deal to export goods duty free to the United Kingdom, The Brief has established.

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