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Visa targets Namibians to drive card usage

June 08, 2023

Financial services corporation Visa is targeting Namibians in an effort to increase the international usage of bank cards.

This initiative comes as Visa observed that many Namibians do not utilise their bank-issued Visa cards for international transactions, instead opting for cash payments.

"The economy and markets have shifted towards digital payments, and beyond card payments, people are even more advanced. They use their phones, watches, and various forms of payment. Our goal is to bring this level of digitalisation to the market and gradually shift the entire demographic towards digital payments," explained Taurai Mpofu, VISA Country Manager for Zimbabwe and Namibia.

Mpofu further stated that the financial corporation is targeting Namibian international travelers, cross-border traders, and e-commerce consumers.

"We aim to educate and raise awareness among our customers that physical cash has negative implications for the economy and the market," Mpofu emphasised.

He also highlighted security and convenience as the primary reasons why Namibian international travelers, traders, and e-commerce users should rely on their Visa cards.

"Security and convenience are crucial aspects of digitalisation. Cash can be stolen, and it is not practical for e-commerce transactions," Mpofu added.

According to Mpofu, this drive can also have a positive impact on the revenue generated by banks, as payment volumes increase. 

"We believe that there has been insufficient education on what Visa offers in terms of digital payments. By partnering with banks, we can raise awareness about the convenience and security of digital payments, and hopefully discourage the use of cash," Mpofu concluded.

FNB, NedBank, NamPost, and Bank Windhoek all issue Visa cards.


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Last modified on Friday, 09 June 2023 15:08