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Cheetah Cement ordered to suspend night ops

Cheetah Cement has been ordered to cease night operations due to inadequate lighting at its mining area by the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation.

Cheetah Cement Spokesperson Tabby Moyo said the cement manufacturer was currently awaiting a formal notification and the inspection report from the Labour ministry for it to comply with the findings.

“The company is not refusing to abide by any regulation, and has been waiting for the report from the Labour ministry following the completion of the inspections, so that such issues can be rectified sooner,” he said.

 “Cheetah cement has not yet been formally notified, so that it can take the necessary action. The company has no problem with complying, it is just waiting for the inspection report so that all the identified irregularities can be addressed.”

Labour ministry Spokesperson Maria Hidipo,however, said ,”the pending comprehensive report should not be used as an excuse to continue transgressing, because issues identified were duly communicated with the management by the labour official upon completion.”

“After inspections a briefing is always held and the company is told about the findings, but they still choose not to act. The Ministry is busy finalising the comprehensive report and it will be made available.”

The Labour ministry order comes barely three months after the cement company was ordered by the Ministry to cease its operations due to non-compliance with Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Standards in May this year.

"After the order to resume with its operation in May 2022, the Ministry has been conducting follow-up inspections to ensure continued compliance with the OSH Standards at the Mine. The Ministry however identified the aforementioned shortcomings that lead to the current order. During this period, all affected employers are entitled to full remuneration."

The ministry stressed that the issue of occupational health and safety is non-negotiable.

"Non-compliance with the provisions of OSH puts workers at risk, resulting in non-reversible and mostly regrettable consequences which sometimes may even lead to injuries and worse of all fatalities. Employers are once again reminded that it remains their legal duty to ensure that their workplaces are safe at all times."

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Last modified on Wednesday, 24 August 2022 18:17

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