Old Mutual Namibia empowers 20 graduates

Old Mutual Namibia has selected 20 students to participate in its graduate internship program after receiving over 400 applications.

“Old Mutual Namibia recognizes that there are thousands of graduates sitting at home who have not had the opportunity to get the much-needed exposure to the working world. Therefore, as a responsible corporate citizen we decided to help bridge this gap by offering 20 graduates the opportunity to get hands-on experience of what the working world entails along with the ability to practice what they have learned. Through this, they can discover themselves in the working professional set-up. Likewise, we want to provide them with exposure to the various career opportunities available in the working world,” says Toini Muteka, Old Mutual Namibia’s Human Capital Executive.

To ensure that the graduates can benefit from the diverse environment that Old Mutual Namibia offers, each of them has been placed in various departments within the organisation. The aim is to ensure that the graduates can leverage their knowledge and apply it within the organisation whilst also learning new skills.

Old Mutual Namibia Group CEO, Tassius Chigariro who is a product of the Old Mutual internship programme said “If it was not for Old Mutual, I don’t think I would be where I am today. The best way of saying thank you, is to give back. There is a great need for us as corporates to provide new graduates with exposure of the work environment. Additionally, this is an opportunity for us to also contribute to the government’s efforts in growing and developing our talent. This is a great day at Old Mutual Namibia as we welcome these young talents.”


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Last modified on Friday, 13 May 2022 12:45

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