Renovated and rebranded Mokuti Etosha reopens

March 06, 2023 1083

Mokuti Etosha has reopened its doors with a new look and rebranding after undergoing a complete overhaul over the last 15 months. 

The lodge, now called Mokuti Etosha, has been transformed into a contemporary safari experience while preserving some of its 32-year-old heritage, including its lush gardens inhabited by squirrels and Damara Dik-Dik. 

Norbert Wurm, Managing Director of O&L Leisure, a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List Group, explained that the new brand represents a unique and warm experience.

"Mokuti Etosha is Africa Re-imagined. While we can find some familiar elements, we will at the same time encounter an enhancement that will lead to unique, different, and warm experiences. Everything here has a story and a reason, from the buildings to the different activities and occurrences," he said. 

The new logo of Mokuti Etosha according to the MD is inspired by the colors of nature in and around Mokuti Etosha, as well as the magnificent sunsets and sunrises experienced there, and the endless horizons of the Etosha pan.

According to Wurm, the logo is intended to inspire tranquility and leave space for imagination. "Africa Re-imagined embraces the imperfect imperfections of nature and our people," he said. 

Etienne Fourie, the General Manager of Mokuti Etosha, expressed his excitement about the new experiences and adventures that the lodge will offer.

"We aimed to create an unexpected, memorable, and unique experience that guests can both love and admire, as captured by our O&L Purpose 'Creating a future, enhancing life'," he said. 

Fourie added that the attention to distinctive African designs of walls, roofs, and floors is unique, and this Africa Re-imagined detail is enriched by scents and sounds throughout the lodge. 

The lodge is set for an official inauguration in May and has made changes to the reception area, main restaurant, and pool bar area, including a brand-new kiddies' pool.




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Last modified on Tuesday, 07 March 2023 18:27