The Minister of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform Calle Schlettwein on Monday officially appointed a seven-member board of directors, chaired by Luther Rukira, to lead NamWater.

Technology is constantly improving for the benefit of the user, and players in the telecoms and digital connectivity space have the onus to enable a technologically driven society by adopting cutting-edge technologies to unlock and facilitate an agile and seamless provision of innovative products and services to the market.

Building change capability is a change, like any other change, involving people adopting new working methods.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become an increasingly important consideration for companies and foundations seeking to make a positive social impact.

Belgian gem processing firm HB Antwerp is seeking potential deals to process rough diamonds in African countries, including Namibia.

Ownership of immovable property is a right that grants the owner complete and absolute control over their property, with certain limitations imposed by common law and legislation.

 As I continue with the topic of dealing with narcissistic stakeholders, it is important to note that narcissists are not evil people. In fact, they are usually insecure, broken and suffer from other mental personality disorders, which exacerbate their narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) condition.

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The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA) paid out N$218 million in medical service provider claims in 2022, a 30% increase compared to 2021, latest data reveals.

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The SME Economic Recovery Loan Scheme has disbursed financing worth over N$85.9 million in loans to 80 SMEs as part of concerted efforts to grow the sector.

Prembly, a Nigeria-based digital identity and selfie biometrics provider, joined forces with the Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority (NAMFISA) to host the recently held Fintech Square event.

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