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Several oil majors are set to spend significant amounts in the Orange Basin, offshore Namibia over the coming months and years, but there’s also a more junior company getting in on the action too.

One of the first industrial production of iron with net-zero emissions, based on HyIron technology, is set to be established in Namibia with an initial investment of N$600 million.

Trigon Metals Inc. has announced the full restart of milling and processing operations at the Kombat Mine, marking significant progress toward achieving commercial production targets by the end of September.

In a bid to uphold the integrity of the Real Estate industry in Namibia, the Estate Agents Board takes center stage as a pivotal statutory body, established under the Estate Agents Act 112 of 1976.

Livestock farmers continue to face difficult times exacerbated by climate change manifested through adverse events such as drought, floods, pests, and disease outbreaks that have been experienced in many parts of the country in recent years.

To foster insightful discourse and tap into the expertise of its diverse alumni network, the Stellenbosch Business School Alumni Association's Namibian chapter recently hosted a compelling Thought Leadership discussion on the burgeoning oil and gas industry in the country.

Qatar Airways has announced that it will temporarily suspend flights to Windhoek starting from November 23 of this year, citing operational reasons.

A Norwegian company, African Aquaculture Company (AAC), is set to establish a salmon farming project in the Lüderitz area of Namibia's //Kharas Region.

Namibia's food security situation has deteriorated significantly, with an estimated 234,000 people, 9% of the population, experiencing serious food insecurity between April and August 2023, official figures reveal.

Momentum Metropolitan Namibia has launched its Womentum campaign, an initiative which aims to champion women, highlighting their multifaceted triumphs in the financial, personal, and professional spheres.