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The South African Reserve Bank (Sarb) will hike the repo rate for the last time in the current cycle on Thursday, then hit brakes.

Most African central banks due to decide on interest rates in the next two weeks are set to keep them on hold as decades-high inflation eases after more than a year of tightening.

Zimbabwe has turned to digital money to help ease soaring demand for US dollars in its economy as the value of the local currency plunged. 

Faced with sticky inflation but sluggish economic growth, the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) is considering changing its interest rate modelling tool.

Professional services company PwC has published its Non-executive directors: Practices and fees trends report for 2022, highlighting how much top management earns at some of the largest companies in South Africa.

Energy giant BP has reported record annual profits as it scaled back plans to reduce the amount of oil and gas it produces by 2030.

Most South African economists and investment specialists expect another interest rate hike from the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) when its Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meets next month.

South Africa’s central bank will probably introduce a raft of changes to modelling that informs monetary policy decisions, including a measure to better anchor inflation expectations.

British financial services giant EY said it was stopping a project to split its audit and advisory units after opposition from its US branch.

French energy firm TotalEnergies announced an agreement with Iraq on a long-delayed US$10 billion project to improve the country's rundown electricity grid after resolving disputes over the terms of the deal.

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