CoW approves building plans worth N$186.5m in November

The City of Windhoek in November approved plans for 144 projects worth N$186.5 million.

Of the plans approved, N$102.1 million were for houses and N$74.2 million were additions.

The City Centre had the highest number of plans approved, 48 in total , worth N$84.9 million, followed by Khomasdal with 21 plans worth N$37.6 million, Otjimuise 43 plans valued at N$33.8 million, Academia 10 plans worth N417 million and Klein Windhoek with 22 plans worth N$12.9 million.

Year to date, the City of Windhoek has received 2,885 plans and approved 2,577.

“This leaves a backlog of 328 (compared to 357 in the prior month) plans that must still be approved. Some of this backlog was attended to, hence more plans were approved than what was received in October 2021.”

A total of 77 building plans with a value of N$51.5 million were approved in Swakopmund during November 2021, compared to 59 (with a value of N$36.8 million) being approved during October 2021 according to building statistics released by Swakopmund Municipality.

During November 67 building projects were completed with a value of N$45.8 million, compared to 27 projects with a value of N$20.1 million being completed in October.

These included 54 new residential projects valued at N$33.9 million, 9 residential additions and alterations worth N$3.8 million and 2 new industrial buildings valued at N$2 million.

Year to date, a total of 397 building projects have been completed in Swakopmund with a total value of N$272.2 million.

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Last modified on Thursday, 16 December 2021 17:18

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