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The Brief launches monthly survey on Namibia’s cheapest supermarkets

Every month, The Brief will survey in-store prices of the same basket of goods across seven major retailers in Namibia, namely; Shoprite (Independence Avenue), Checkers (Wernhil), Pick n Pay (Wernhil), SPAR (Maerua Mall), OK Foods (Independence Avenue), Woermanbrock (Hyper Khomasdal), and Choppies (Hyper Khomasdal).

The survey aims to provide shoppers with guidance on which supermarket offers the cheapest basket of goods for that particular month.

What’s in our grocery basket?

Loaf of Bread

2-litre Nola sunflower oil

2.5kg Top score maize meal

2.5kg Marathon sugar (white sugar)

1.5kg Real Good Chicken

1kg Beef stew

10kg Mamas rice

3kg Pasta Polana Macaroni

1-litre Nammilk full cream milk

9 Twinsaver toilet paper (350 sheets)

700ml Wellington tomato sauce

750ml Sunlight Dishwashing liquid

500g Sunshine butter

18 Waldschmidt eggs (medium)

150g Protex bar soap

If some brands are not available, alternatives are used, but our aim is to keep the products as consistent as possible every month.

After collecting our data of 16 staples across seven major supermarkets, Pick n Pay emerged as the cheapest supermarket in Namibia for the month of May 2023, with its basket costing N$1,192.37 compared to OK Foods, which saw the highest price for the basket at N$1,352.84.

Spar came in second place with its basket cost of N$1,216.43.

Note: We do not take specials or loyalty card discounts into consideration. When we do find certain goods on special, for example, “Get N$10.00 off when buying 18 (medium) eggs and pay N$55.00”, we will log the price as N$65.00 to exclude the special.

 May 2023 alternatives

Choppies - 10kg rice store brand

Spar - 10kg rice store brand, 2 kg sunflower oil store brand

OK Foods - 10kg sugar (average price, no store brand), loaf of bread (average price of white and brown bread)


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Last modified on Tuesday, 30 May 2023 20:49

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