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MTC to continue offering biometric process

Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) has announced that it will continue offering its biometric process as a condition of service to its customers, and has to date, registered 1,002,032 SIM cards.

"MTC appreciates the notice issued by CRAN and would like to clarify that, while we fully support CRAN's considerations, MTC's stance is that the biometric component, known as 'Verifi,' is an extended and enhanced tool for ensuring customer authenticity, particularly in light of the rising incidents of cyber and online fraud involving stolen identities," said MTC's Chief Human Capital, Corporate, and Marketing Officer, Tim Ekandjo on Monday.

"The inclusion of the biometric data capturing process in 'Verifi' aims to provide additional security measures to counter fraud and crime, as well as offer convenience to our customers in managing their profiles with MTC." 

The telco's position follows the Communication Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) ordering Namibian telecommunications operators to discontinue the mandatory collection of biometric data for SIM card registration purposes.

According to the sector regulator, this decision was prompted by consistent complaints from the public and media regarding the practices of some mobile operators, who were requesting biometric data during the SIM card registration process without the presence of a data protection legislative framework.

Mandatory SIM card registration is a policy implemented by governments worldwide to address security concerns, combat crime, and facilitate the use of digital services.

Members of the public have until January 1st of next year to register their SIM cards; otherwise, they may face disconnection.




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Last modified on Tuesday, 30 May 2023 19:52

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