Namibia records decline in February beef exports

March 23, 2023

Namibia exported 504,014kg of beef to various destinations in February 2023, a decline compared to 675,513kg of beef exported during the same period in 2022.

Of the total beef exports during the period, the Netherlands, where Namibia exports as part of a beef export quota, accounted for the bulk of the exports.

"Of the total beef exported in February 2023, 61.7% went to the Netherlands, 26.3% was exported to South Africa, 7.6% went to the UK, and the remaining 4.4% was exported to China. Year-to-date beef exports to Norway stood at 21,331 kg," the Meat Board reports. 

This comes as Namibia’s cattle sector marketing activities slowed in February 2023, with animals marketed yearly across all segments of the cattle sector experiencing double-digit contractions due to weaker South African demand and tough competition from Botswana cattle.

According to recent figures from Namibia's Meat Board, this is largely due to lower animal supplies during the second month of the year, compared to the same period in 2022. 

"A significant part of creating a conducive environment for farmers includes paying livestock producers competitive prices on a consistent basis, as witnessed during February 2023 in the form of improved producer prices across the beef, mutton, and pork sectors." 

This comes as depressed throughput witnessed at export-approved abattoirs negatively affected beef production and exports.

This was after 13,670 cattle were marketed during February 2023, which indicates a decline of 24.5%.

Of this total, 8,337 (61.0%), mostly weaners, were exported to South Africa and Botswana on-the-hoof.

On the other hand, 4,018 cattle (29.4% of total marketing) were marketed at export-approved abattoirs, whilst the remaining 1,315 cattle (9.6%) were marketed at B & C-class abattoirs.

"Year-on-year, live export activities dropped by 16.9% due to weaker demand for Namibian weaners in South Africa. Slaughtering activities at export-approved and B & C-class abattoirs contracted by 26.6% and 49.3%, respectively," according to the Meat Board.

Meanwhile, the Board's monthly report for February 2023 notes that the south veterinary cordon fence (VCF) area recorded an increase in the volume of animals that went through auctions, which ultimately affected the average weaner price.

Year-on-year, the south VCF weaner prices declined by 22.8% during February 2023, following Namibian weaners having faced stiff competition from Botswana cattle in recent months.

"The price averaged N$33.29/kg in February 2023, a decline of N$9.28/kg from the February 2022 level of N$42.57/kg. North VCF weaner prices, on the other hand, stood at N$22.56/kg in February 2023."

This brings the price difference between the south VCF and north VCF to N$10.73/kg for the period of February 2023.



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Last modified on Friday, 24 March 2023 17:22