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EU pumps N$9 billion into Namibia

The European Union (EU) has provided accumulated development assistance to Namibia of over N$9.1 billion (€500 million) in a vast spectrum of sectors since independence.

Areas support by the trade block include ongoing programmes such as the livestock development, Early Childhood Development, and a broad area of human rights supportive actions, ranging from Community-Based Natural Resources Management (CBRM), gender equality and prevention of Gender-Based Violence.

This comes as National Planning Commission Director General Obeth Kandjoze, and the European Union Commissioner for International Partnerships Jutta Urpilainen, on Tuesday announced a boost of N$437 million for new programmes in the areas of early childhood education, governance, and gender.

This announcement was made during the joint launch of the Annual Action Plan for 2022.

Commissioner Urpilainen, along with the Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton, are currently on a two-day visit to Namibia to enhance the partnership between the EU and the African nation.

The new programmes launched under the Action Plan 2022 include: 1) a budget support of €16 million (N$291 million) for foundational education, 2) a Programme on Governance and Gender Equality of  €2.5 million (N$45.5 million), and 3) a Technical Cooperation Facility of €5.5 million (N$100 million).

“Through this action plan and under Global Gateway, the EU’s positive offer to partners for sustainable and trusted connections, the EU and Member States continues to support Namibia in human development and education, good governance and strengthening inclusive green growth, creating new opportunities to Namibian individuals and businesses” said EU Commissioner Urpilainen.

Kandjoze emphasised Namibia's commitment to investing in and supporting Early Childhood Development services, saying: "We are thankful for the long-standing EU support in this sector. Targeting the most vulnerable children at an early age is a highly cost-effective strategy to ensure that all children develop to their full potential and is a good investment for future prosperity."

Both parties expressed their excitement for the successful implementation of the Action Plan 2022 and looked forward to continuing to strengthen trade and investment efforts to stimulate economic growth and recovery.

Commissioner Urpilainen added: "The EU and Member States continue to support Namibia in human development and education, good governance and strengthening inclusive green growth, creating new opportunities to Namibian individuals and businesses."

On the second day of their visit, Commissioner Breton will visit several businesses relevant to the EU-Namibia partnership, including the AfriTin Mining Company and NAMPORT at Walvis Bay. He will tour the sites and speak with companies working on green hydrogen transport capacities, according to an EU-Namibia spokesperson.


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Last modified on Wednesday, 25 January 2023 20:52

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