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Namibia passport ranks 67th best globally

Namibia’s passport has been ranked 67 out of 199 countries including 227 travel destinations rated globally in the latest Henley Passport Index.

The ranking gives Namibia a score of 79 and visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 79 destinations around the world for Namibian travellers.

Neighbouring South Africa is ranked 53rd with a score of 106, while Botswana is ranked 63rd with access to 87 countries, on par with Bahrain and Jamaica.

Zambia is ranked 75th with access to 71 destinations, along with Indonesia, and Zimbabwe is ranked 79th with access to 66 countries, alongside Armenia and the Cape Verde Islands.

Angola and Cameroon are ranked 92nd with a score of 51.

The ranking, published by London-based immigration consultancy Henley & Partners, uses data from the International Air Transport Association to rank 199 passports' access to 227 travel destinations without a prior visa.

The top-ranking Japanese passport offers visa-free access to 193 destinations (85% of the world) that collectively account for 98% of the global economy.

Singapore and South Korea are in second place with a score of 192, followed by Germany and Spain at 190.

Finland, Italy, and Luxembourg are in fourth place with a score of 189, and Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, and Sweden are in fifth place with a score of 188.

Meanwhile, the five countries with the weakest visa scores are Yemen ranked 105th with a score of 30, Pakistan 106th (32), Syria 107th (30), Iraq at 108th and a score of 29.

Afghanistan passport is at the bottom of the ranking, providing visa-free access to only 12% of the world and less than 1% of global economic output, at 109th position and a score of 27.

Currently, citizens of more than 50 countries can enter Namibia for up to 90 days without a tourist visa or for almost any other purpose except employment. 


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Last modified on Friday, 13 January 2023 15:01

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