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UNAM graduates first locally trained dentists

The University of Namibia's School of Dentistry has achieved a significant milestone in the country's healthcare sector by graduating its inaugural cohort of 16 dentists.

According to the university, what sets the locally trained dentists apart is their tailored education, which not only suits Namibia's unique context but also addresses specific oral health needs within the country.

"Unlike their counterparts trained abroad in foreign curricula and contexts, this homegrown advantage shines through as these dentists begin their professional journeys," said Dr. John Rutabanzibwa, Associate Dean of the School of Dentistry.

Dr. Rutabanzibwa emphasized that implementing a pioneering curriculum for a new program was not an easy task.

As described by Dr. Rehema Muro, a lecturer in the Department of Community Dentistry & Orthodontics, it was like "building the ship while sailing," as the path was riddled with challenges.

Pena Nelumbu, one of the graduates, expressed heartfelt gratitude towards the lecturers and academic staff who had tirelessly worked to ensure the students' success.

"This has been a very fulfilling journey, and I believe this is only the beginning. While graduating as the first is very significant, our aspirations extend beyond that as there is so much more that we wish to achieve within the dentistry fraternity in the country,”Nelumbu said.


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Last modified on Thursday, 25 May 2023 13:50

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