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Namibia bans poultry imports from Argentina

March 26, 2023

Namibia has announced an immediate ban on poultry imports from Argentina following the outbreak of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) in that country.

The Ministry of Agriculture's ban comes after the disease was detected on February 24th.

Due to the incubation period of 21 days, as set by the World Health Organization, “thus consignments containing poultry products packed in their packing on or after the date of start of suspension will be rejected and sent back to the country of origin or destroyed at the importers cost.”

Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr Albertina Shilongo said all previously issued import and transit permits, “are hereby cancelled and recalled with immediate effect.”

Cooked poultry meat products for commercial purposes may still be imported into the country under a veterinary import permit.

Due to the risk of human transmission and the potential economic impact on the poultry industry, outbreaks of HPAI are closely monitored and controlled by governments and international organizations.

Control measures typically include quarantine, culling of infected birds, and restrictions on the movement of birds and poultry products.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 28 March 2023 17:16