Namibia earned N$4.4 billion from exporting agriculture, forestry and fishing commodities during the fourth quarter of 2022 while the country’s import bill stood at N$1.2 billion, latest data shows.

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March 2023 will be remembered as a month plagued by bank runs and bank failures in financial circles. Among three regional bank failures in the United States, the failure of Silicon Valley Bank marked the largest bank collapse since the global financial crisis.

The Construction Industries Federation of Namibia (CIF) is concerned that the absence of a statutory regulatory body results in unfair awarding of tenders to contractors who lack the necessary experience and thus are unable to complete the projects.

Namibia and Botswana are set to open the Trans-Kalahari/Mamuno border post as a 24-hour operator, in a move that is expected to boost economic development in the region.

Do you find it difficult to articulate yourself well or talking more than you should be listening? Well, you surely aren’t alone. You should actively be working on improving your communication skills.

Nearly 900 workers from the Finance ministry have made lateral transfers to the country’s tax agency as the Agency seeks to boost capacity and revenue.

Daures Green Hydrogen Village (DGHV) says operations will start in October when the agriculture component of the project, which includes carbon-free tomatoes will be planted.

FlyNamibia has  made several schedule changes to its existing routes, including the route between Eros Windhoek and Ondangwa, and Hosea Kutako International and Cape Town International.

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We continue with our series on financial worries, their implications on the lives of those that live in their midst and how we can overcome them to live a worry-free financial life. In this edition, we tackle the worries of living paycheck to paycheck, where a person relies on their monthly paychecks to meet their financial obligations, with no savings left over.

Mines and Energy Minister Tom Alweendo has called for mining companies to step up their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts, stating that current initiatives, while significant, are not sufficient.

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