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If your dream of owning a home is on your bucket list, you’ve likely searched for property, narrowed your home preferences, and even attended a few open houses. But while you might be mentally ready to buy a home, your financial situation might tell a different story.

One of the most important elements of selling your property is getting the listing price right. 

The City of Windhoek approved a total of 227 building plans valued at N$398.2 million in June, representing a 55.5% m/m increase from the 146 building plans worth N$118.1 million approved in May.

Investing in property is easier than you think with the right plan and financing. If you're starting your property investment journey and don't know where to begin, here are three factors to look at in terms of a residential property:

1) Ascertain your rental yield 

Rental yield is the amount of money you make on an investment property by measuring the gap between your overall costs and the income you receive from renting your property. Understanding how property yield works gives you a better idea of the ongoing return you will earn on your investment. It can also be helpful when it comes time to review the rent on an investment property. When you know the rental yield of a property, you’re also better placed to understand if it is the right place for your investment goals, or if you could earn a higher rental yield with a different property or by investing in another suburb or town.


Identical homes can increase or decrease in value due to location. Location affects not only the price but also the home's desirability. Where a home is located is a key factor affecting its value — both now and in the future. Buyers are often more interested in the house or the floor plan, but from an investment standpoint, finding the best location should be a top priority.

Therefore, I strongly recommend one invests one's hard-earned money only in the property with the best location. Look for properties near the city centre as that’s where most young professionals want to live or nearby amenities such as schools, malls etc. Because it will always be Location, Location and Location.

3)Buying structures (Full title or Sectional title) 

Sectional titles (apartments, townhouses etc.) are less expensive than full titles (free-standing homes). However, it all depends on the location and specs of the property. Some tenants prefer a sectional title for security, especially if the property remains unoccupied for a prolonged period. And others prefer free-standing properties for more privacy. Also, consider additional costs such as corporate fees when investing in a sectional title. 

The above three, in my opinion, are the top factors to consider when purchasing an investment property. Ascertaining the rental yield, location and type of property will ensure that you invest in a good property with a good ROI.

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It is important that sellers guard against being swayed by the charm and the promise of selling for maximum profits and ensure they do not overlook the importance of ticking all the boxes before awarding a mandate for the sale of their property. 

The offer to purchase (OTP) is a binding agreement between the purchaser and seller setting out the parties, the property description, and obviously the price that's been decided upon. And it must be reduced to writing.

The appetite for acquiring houses and land by people living in Northern and Southern has reached low levels last seen in 2014, statistics from the FNB Q1 Housing Index report for the 2022 show.

Old Mutual’s Tunga Real Estate Fund has provided funding towards the development of over 810 low-cost houses around the country in the past six months.

Buying your first house can be a very daunting task, filled with a lot of fear and a lack of information and understanding.

FNB Namibia forecasts rentals to further increase going forward, but warns that affordability concerns, driven by subdued real wage growth could impact the momentum.

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