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A digital marketing audit: A must for any business

When last did you do a digital marketing audit on your business? Or the question we should ask is, do you have a digital marketing audit in your marketing strategy.

Do you know what’s working and what’s not working? This is a very important element of digital marketing.

As a brand/business you need to understand if your online brand is achieving the goals and objectives set. But firstly, let’s get to understand what a digital marketing audit is.

Digital marketing audit involves looking at every aspect of your brand’s digital footprint. This will give you an overall view of your brand backed with data insights that can leverage your marketing strategy. It is a must to do a digital marketing audit when you are busy designing your digital marketing plan.

Many people will not see this as an important aspect for your brand because they don’t know the benefits you will reap when doing a digital marketing audit.

Let me quickly share a few benefits of doing a digital marketing audit.

  • It will assist to make better marketing decisions and setting priorities.
  • Will improve your brand's online presence and will inform which channels are performing well.
  • It will identify possible opportunities and problems for your business.
  • Aligning digital activities with your company’s business model

These are a few benefits you will obtain when doing these audits. When doing the digital marketing audit, you need to focus on certain sections which are; definition of objectives, analysing the brand situation, digital channels, the competition, and the sector you are operating in.

Digital marketing isn’t only about social media but your entire online presence, hence it’s very important to ensure you cover all aspects when doing your audits.

Ensure to cover the following channels, the website, SEO, social media, Email marketing, digital advertising and don’t forget to audit your content marketing as they will ensure if your engagement will be positive or negative.

Digital marketing audit will allow you to take stock of where you are headed too because data doesn’t lie. The moment you pick something that you don’t like in the results, it will be up to you to change it, but you can’t change your brand’s online performance without knowing its performance.

If your marketing strategy doesn’t have a digital marketing audit, now is the time to incorporate it in your strategy, your business might depend on it.

*Alvaro Mukoroli is the founder and CEO of Alvaro Media Group, a creative brand agency



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Last modified on Wednesday, 07 June 2023 12:03

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